Welcome to ThaiBOX’s Kitchen

SuperBOX the Chef was born in Thailand to a family that values the importance of three attributes of food – nutrition, aesthetic, and majestic taste.  As a result of his family’s passion in quality food, he was then trained to master Authentic Thai food from a very young age.  As a food lover, he expanded his horizon by traveling across the world to learn from masters of different cuisines.  After the long journey, he realized each kind of cuisine holds its unique amazements that simply cannot be ignored.

He then falls in love with Fusion approaches attempting to integrate the unique quality from each cuisine.  Especially, he found that by applying Thai‘s rich ingredients and advanced techniques as a basis, he could create his signature cuisines bursting with unique tastes and great nutrition – to be truly called the premium food.

Fact: The premium food doesn’t have to be hard to acquire nor does it take long hours of preparation.  With SuperBOX’s Culinary Team  expertise, each BOX we delivers is freshly made-to-order, yet fast! Unlike countless other speedy-cooking hubs, we makes it fast through our professionalism, with confidence that our clients will receive premium products with "no junk-ingredients-added guaranteed", as can be found in top authentic Thai restaurants. You can be certain that you will always get the exquisite taste of Authentic Thai food and Thai Fusion dishes offer nowhere else!

SuperBOX the Chef, 2009