1. Premium Food

Thai food requires delicate ingredients and preparation techniques.  Thai ingredients, which majorly include jasmine rice and varieties of spices and herbs, are naturally full of nutrients.  By integrating Thai ingredients to our authentic and fusion recipes, these ingredients will directly apply to healthier eating.  Our nutrition facts would be available soon.

2. Fresh

Our ingredients are prepared FRESH daily. We cook FRESH-to-order that you will always see and hear the chefs start cooking just after you placed an order.   Nothing to hide!

3. Fast

At ThaiBOX, fast does not mean junk due to no junk ingredient added and daily FRESH preparation to the freshest to our products.  Our fast delivery results from the chef’s proficiency and systematic design of food preparation.

4. Clean

For two years in a row, ThaiBOX have got the Highest Health Score among all Thai restaurants in town. Nothing to hide!

5. Atmospheres and Service

We are the semi-service restaurant that greeting you with warm-welcoming “Siam smiles.”  The combination of lively and relaxing environment would be found at ThaiBOX.

6. Quality & Quantity

ThaiBOX quality is achieving by using premium ingredients, preparing fresh daily, and making-to-order on every BOXes. The quantity of our food in each box is comparable to standard dinner portion. By packing in the box, we never lied your eyes by putting just a small portion in a big plate!

7. To-Go Order

All of the To-Go BOX used in ThaiBOX is durable and microwave-safe.  We choose the BOX that can easily carry out and eat wherever you want such as in the garden or outdoor parties.  In addition, each To-Go BOX is specially prepared and cooked to be best for eating until 15 minutes passed.

8. The GREEN Restaurant

ThaiBOX is aware and make our best effort to be most environmental friendly in the quick-service restaurant industry.  There is a current trend of "going green" in the quick-service industry, for instance, KFC's new reusable packages had won The 2010 Greener Package Awards. ThaiBOX is also part of this trend as we have chosen an environmental-friendly choice of packaging at the highest standard in the industry by using 100% Polypropylene (PP) containers in most of our Boxes.  Our BOXes are reusable, microwave-safe, and dish-washer friendly, in order to encourage customers to reuse or recycle.  This is more environmental friendly than using a one-time disposable material or a hard-to-recycle material other than PP.  Further information on KFC's award and the recent research in this environmental-friendly packaging trend in fast-food industry can be found on the internet including the following links (http://www.environmentalleader.com/2010/10/01/kfc-rolls-out-reusable-side-container/).

9. Franchise & Partnership Opportunity

Now partnership opportunity is available.  Please submit your resume to  franchise@thaibox.com.